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Nephrology : Hemodialysis Catheter

Dialx-Duo (Double Lumen Hemodialysis catheter introduction kit)

Features & Benefits:

  • PU material for excellent bio­compatibility and kink resistance
  • Radioopaque for fluoroscopic detection and easy placement
  • Multiple sizes for various patients needs
  • Ideal for extracorporeal therapies : Dialysis, Hemofiltration, Aphresis
  • MRI compatible for easy placement under fluoroscopy

Ref/Art No.Dialysis CatheterDialx Duo 11.5Dialx Duo 12Packing Inner /Outer
LHDK.DDialysis Catheter11.5 Fr x 13cm12 Fr x16 cm10/40 units
 Guide wire PTFE Coated50 cm50 cm
 Scalpel11 no.11 no.
 Introducer Needle18 G18 G
 Syringe5 ml5 ml
 Dilator10FR11.5 FR
Contents of Complete Kit:

  • Dialysis catheter  : 1 unit
  • Scalpel  : 1 unit
  • Dilator :  2 unit
  • Guide wire : 1 unit
  • Introduce Needle : 1 unit
  • Syringe : 1 unit

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