Friday, February 28, 2014

IV Cannula with Injection Port Manufacturers Exporter

IV Cannula with Injection Port and Wings (Tyvek* Packing)

Features & Benefits:
- Radio opaque catheter for easy insertion, bio compatibility and X ray detection.
- Body with suture hole wings for easy fixation.
- Broad tyvek blister packing.
- Flexible angled and grooved wings allows easy fixation and prevent displacement of cannula over the patient’s body.
- With Injection port
  • The Injection Port is provided with specially designed double hinged cap incorporating a recessed plug with a protective skirt to effectively prevent contamination when the valve is closed.
  • The port has one way silicon retreating valve to facilitate extra medication by syringe without needle and to prevent back flow.
  • The valve cap has special design to facilitate two point grip for cannulation.
  • The double hinge port cap design does not obstruct during insertion and fixing and keep the cap closed effectively. 
Also available with PTFE ( Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) radio opaque catheter

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