Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Two Way Foley Balloon Catheter Manufacturer Exporters to Colombia, Ecuador

U Cath 2 - Two Way Foley Balloon Catheter
For urine drainage in the patients suffering from urinary tract problems.


  • Manufactured from 100% natural silicon bonded Latex.
  • Smooth tapered tip of catheters facilitates easy introducing into the urethra.
  • Large eyes at distal end accurately placed permits effective drainage.
  • The balloon expands Symmetrically for retention in bladder.
  • Special silicon bonded latex facilitates easy passage through urethra.
  • Colour Coded sleeves at proximal end for size identification.
  • Hard plastic valve permits secure connection with commonly used syringe nozzles for inflation / deflation and are proved to be more efficient than soft rubber valves.
  • Free from any encrustation.

Single use | Sterile | Non Pyrogenic

Our Research & Development:
With in-house research and development for all our products and processes, we are also working on the development of special purpose machines and processes to optimize production and product quality.

Our intellectual capital in designs and teams of experienced staff constantly improve on the existing designs using latest 3D, CADCAM technology as well as through extensive investments in trials. Value addition to existing designs is a strong area of focus in our R&D cell.

Staying in constant touch with our end-users helps us to identify their needs. Our organised response system feeds directly into the R&D department, which makes a conscious effort to pre-empt their needs and expectations.

“Conscious Caring” dictates all aspects of our performance from R&D to product usage.

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