Thursday, September 18, 2014

I.V. Intravenous Cannula

What is an intravenous cannula? 
An intravenous cannula is a small flexible plastic tube which is usually inserted in the veins in the lower arm. An intravenous cannula is inserted into your arm by a healthcare professional usually a doctor or a nurse/midwife. 

Why do you need a cannula? 
A cannula may have IV lines attached (sometimes called “drips”) and are often used in hospitals to give fluids or medications quickly into the blood stream. The cannula may also be needed to obtain blood samples. Some treatments are only designed or are more effective given directly into the blood 
stream. In some circumstances you may be unable to eat or drink normally e.g. if you are fasting for an operation or procedure. Fluids given into your vein will ensure you remain hydrated. 

We manufacture following types of Intravenous (I.V.) Cannula:
  • IV Cannula with port
    • Primaflon
    • Primaflon-s
    • IV Flon
    • Primaflo
    • Primaflo Pro
    • Canatech
    • Jepflon
  • IV Cannula without port with wings
    • Primacan
    • Primaneo (24G)
    • Primaneo alpha (26G)
  • IV Cannula without port & wings
    • Primacan Alpha
    • IV Cannula
  • Peadiatric IV Cannula
    • Primaneo (24G)
    • Primaneo alpha (26G)
  • Pen type IV Cannula
    • Primapen

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