Friday, October 17, 2014

IV Catheters

An Intravenous Catheter is a small flexible plastic tube which is usually inserted in the veins in the lower arm. An Intravenous Catheter is inserted into your arm by a healthcare professional usually a doctor or a nurse/midwife.

We manufacture following types of Intravenous (I.V.) Catheters (Also called IV Cannula / IV Cannulae):
  • IV Cannula with port
    • Primaflon
    • Primaflon-s
    • IV Flon
    • Primaflo
    • Primaflo Pro
    • Canatech
    • Jepflon
  • IV Cannula without port with wings
    • Primacan
    • Primaneo (24G)
    • Primaneo alpha (26G)
  • IV Cannula without port & wings
    • Primacan Alpha
    • IV Cannula
  • Peadiatric IV Cannula
    • Primaneo (24G)
    • Primaneo alpha (26G)
  • Pen type IV Cannula
    • Primapen

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