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Closed Wound Drainage Set - La-med Vac Set Manufacturers Exporters to Portugal, Spain, France

Closed Wound Drainage Set  - La-med Vac Set

For the drainage from closed would under negative


  • Two Redon drain tube provided with RO line and smooth eyes for two successive drainages in case of need.
  • Smooth and atraumatic eyes for easy and smooth drainage also prevents from any post operative trauma.
  • Bellow capacity of 600 (for FG 10 &12)/800 ml (for FG 14 , 16 &18) with graduation to measure drainage volume from wound..
  • Trocar needle assist in placement of catheter inside closed wound.
  • Depending on need different sizes of Redon tube and Trocar available.
  • Leak proof cap and single step pinch clamp for easy and one hand operation.
  • Redon drain tube has multiple perforations for efficient and atraumatic drainage.
  • Main connecting tube has been equipped with colour coded Y connector to connect compatible.


Ref/Art No. Gauge Packing (Inner/Outer unit)
SD0101-10  10G 100/100
SD0101-12  12G
SD0101-14  14G
SD0101-16  16G
SD0101-18       18G

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