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Trocar Catheter Manufacturer Exporter from India to Italy, Greece, Denmark, Europe

Trocar Catheter
  • Specifically intended for fast and quick non operative drainage from thoracic and pleural cavity.

  • Provided with sharp Trocar needle for easy insertion of catheter.
  • Made of medical grade PVC tube and medical grade Trocar materials.
  • Rounded and smoothly finished two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Provided with radio opaque line throughout catheter length.
  • Graduated at 5 cm intervals to a certain accurate depth.
  • Properly designed hands for easy maneuverability.
  • Proximal end provided with tapered connector for easy connection to drainage container.
  • Sterile double packed in individual Peel able pouch.

Options available
  • Extra soft tube
  • Right angled tube - for drainage from depth of pleural cavity.

Ref/Art No.                   Size                              Packing
                                                                        Inner/Outer unit
SD0204-12                    12 Fg                            100/100
SD0204-16                    16 Fg
SD0204-20                    20 Fg
SD0204-24                    24 Fg
SD0204-28                    28 Fg
SD0204-32                    32 Fg               

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