Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yankaur Suction Set - Chest / Abdominal Surgery Drainage

Yankaur Suction Set
  • For the drainage from chest or abdominal cavity during surgery or post-operative. The drainage can be blood, body affluent.

  • Flexible kink resistant tube with a length of 2.5 meter for unstructural drainage.
  • Provided with flexible connector at both the end of tube for easy connection with handle and machine
  • Provided with sleeve over vent which can be removed easily to make it vented.
  • Injection moulded handle, free from any manufacturing object.
  • Sterile double packed in tear open pouch.

Ref/Art No.                   Type                             Packing
                                                                        Inner/Outer unit
SD0502-02                    Crown type                   100/100
SD0501-02                    Std.

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